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College Life Design | Courses

Signature Edition

9 Modules* | 3-3.5 Hours To Completion* | Self-Paced | 3 Week Drip Delivery (every 3rd day)* 

Created to Provide Time & Wellbeing Management Skills to Student Taking Part In: Summer Pre-Orientation, First Year Seminars, Resident Education, Sports Team Off-Field Training, Greek Education, General Wellness Programming, HS College Counseling Courses

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MasterClass Quality Videos

33 videos, each 3-10 minutes in length, with a distinct bluechip documentary

style and 4k quality, available for one year.

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Ongoing Wellbeing Reflections

Students develop self-awareness with pre- and post-course self-assessments, embedded reflection prompts, monthly check-ins, and a mid- and end-year self-evaluation.

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Comprehensive Health Education

7 core modules cover sleep, productivity, nutrition, exercise, alcohol, self-care & stress-management, and belonging & happiness.

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Midyear Reset Support

A bonus video on resetting and guidance for how to start fresh are automatically sent in between terms (Sent in early January for students who enroll in the fall)

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Personalized Action Plan

The result: All students design a multi-tiered personalized plan to support and protect their wellbeing.

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Organizer Reports

Group administrators will receive 3 reports per year with insight into student progress, successes and struggles intended to help guide ongoing campus programming.

Explore a




the course from a student's perspective

Check out Sleep Right, the first core wellness module in College Life Design


Leadership Edition

10 Modules* | 4-4.5 Hours To Completion* | Self-Paced | 3 Week Drip Delivery (every 3rd day)* 

Exceptional Wellness Guidance and Leadership Training for: Orientation Leaders, RA's, Peer Wellness Coaches, Team Captains,  Greek Leadership, Student Body Leadership

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Bonus Leadership Video

Everything from the Signature College Life Design course, plus a bonus leadership video with strategies for listening, guiding, referring, and teaching about wellness

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Leadership Reflections

Leadership specific journaling prompts encourage reflection about personal strengths and challenges, past experiences, 

communication, and role modeling 

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Wellness Curriculum

Upon completion of each module, student leaders will receive access to an curriculum guide with event ideas, group discussion prompts, trivia questions, talking points, and student quotes.

Pricing Anchor

Purchasing Information

Wellness Education Designed to Meet Your Needs

Customization Options:

  • Drop Date

  • Due Date

  • Delivery Schedule (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.)

  • Inclusion of campus specific emergency numbers and/or offices

  • Module and/or Lesson Skip

  • Length | Ask our about our Short Course curriculum

Please note: At this time, student licenses are only available in bulk to faculty, staff & group leaders at colleges and high schools.


  • Price is based on number of students and customization requests.

  • Full course costs range from $40/student (group of 10) to $8/student (300 students), and may be adjusted each academic year. We can accomodate groups of any size. Pricing for large groups is offered at a significant discount. Please request a quote below for an accurate cost.

  • If necessary, individual student payments can be accepted once a course and group rate are set up. 

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Explore the Sample Module, Sleep Right


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FAQ Anchor
  • Can students complete College Life Design on their phone?
    Yes! College Life Design is hosted through a platform called Teachable, which optimizes all content for both desktop and mobile viewing.
  • Do you offer individual licenses?
    No. At this time we only sell in bundles, directly to high school and college administrators, advisors, group leaders, coaches, etc.
  • Why do you only offer the courses in bundles?
    We strongly believe that group participation in College Life Design has numerous powerful advantages. Firstly, when students engage in any course as part of a group, their buy-in and commitment to the material increase significantly. Personal wellbeing and life management skills are often overlooked in high school curricula, leaving many students unprepared to effectively manage their lives before entering college. By including College Life Design as part of a first year seminar course or new student orientation, or through intentional programming within Greek life or student housing, wellness education transitions from being perceived as optional and supplementary to being recognized as necessary, vital, and purposeful. Secondly, administrative oversight is crucial for safeguarding student wellbeing. College Life Design offers multiple opportunities for self-reflection both during the course and throughout the subsequent year. Having a faculty member, staff personnel, or group leader who can interact with students in person becomes essential for providing support and additional resources when students face challenges. Thirdly, the group dynamic enhances cultural fluency surrounding wellness topics, leading to a transformative impact on the overall campus experience. Imagine if all dormitory residents were knowledgeable about maintaining healthy sleep schedules, or if first-year students developed effective organization systems in their initial semester! When students collectively receive an education on self-care while on campus, they are more likely to hold each other accountable and positively influence the campus culture. By embracing the power of group participation, we aim to create a learning environment where students are fully engaged, supported, and empowered to prioritize their wellbeing and make positive choices.
  • How long does it take to complete College Life Design?
    Each module takes around 30-45 minutes to complete. All videos are between 2 and 10 minutes long, with many around the 4 to 5 minute mark. The Signature Edition takes 3 - 3.5 hours to complete. The Leadership Edition takes 3.5 to 4 hours to complete.
  • Do you have any shorter courses?
    Yes! Both the Signature Course & Leadership Edition can be customized to include only certain lessons or modules, thereby allowing for a shorter runtime. For an impactful 60-90 minute session, ask us ( about our Short Course curriculum.
  • How long do students have access to the course materials?
    Students have unlimited access to the entire course for 12 months from the enrollment date.
  • What is included in a module of College Life Design?
    Each module is three to five lessons. Each lesson begins with a short video, and is followed by 2-3 additional supplements such as student quotes, trivia questions, reflection prompts, and action items.
Short Course
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